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5 Key Habits to Stay Safe Online

  1. Think before you share personal information: Imagine someone you don't know on the street asking for your address or birthday. Don't give out personal information online that you wouldn't share with them. This includes your home address, phone number, and anything someone could use to steal your identity.

  2. Have stronger passwords: A good password is like a secret handshake, only longer! It should be at least 12 characters with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.

  3. Stay cautious of fishy links: If you get an email or text from someone you don't know, with a link or attachment, be very careful! It might be a trick to steal your information. Don't click on anything suspicious, report it to your Admin and delete the message.

  4. Keep your devices’ software up to date: Those update notices that pop up? They're like vitamins for your computer, tablet or phone! They help fix weaknesses that hackers might try to exploit. Don’t delay, install them when you see them.

  5. Control your privacy on social media: Social media sites let you choose who sees your information. Just like adjusting the blinds in your room, you can adjust your privacy settings to show your information only to the people you want to see it.


By getting in the habit of these simple security steps, you can stay much safer while enjoying all the benefits of being online.  Happy networking!

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